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TEGOPAC Reactive Diluents

For viscosity reduction & non-staining adhesive & sealant formulations

TEGOPAC Reactive Diluents - Description

TEGOPAC RD can be blended with different types of silane-modified polymers and epoxy polymers. Formulating with various plasticizers, fillers, and other additives is possible to address applications like parquet adhesives, roof sealing applications or pressure sensitive adhesives.

TEGOPAC Reactive Diluents

More information about TEGOPAC Reactive Diluents

  • TEGOPAC RD reduce viscosity of polymers & adhesive formulations

  • Through the partial or total replacement of a plasticizer, TEGOPAC® RD can avoid any migration effects by becoming chemically anchored within the polymer network after the cure

  • TEGOPAC RD help to improve curethrough properties: by the lateral crosslinking groups of the polymer the curethrough properties are influenced positively

  • TEGOPAC RD can be combined with different silane-modified polymers or epoxy polymers

  • TEGOPAC RD can be used for the production of methanol-free formulations

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