TEGOPAC Seal 100 - Description

TEGOPAC Seal 100 is a moisture curing silane-modifiedpolymer recommended for low modulus sealant formulations which are used in construction applications (e.g. for façades, expansion joints, etc.) or for indoor applications.

TEGOPAC Seal 100 is also recommended for use in sealant and adhesive formulations where vibration and sound dampening is an issue.

TEGOPAC Seal 100

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Because of its excellent elasticity, TEGOPAC Seal 100 shows high recovery rates in different formulations. This high recovery is especially needed for low modulus sealants in construction applications meeting requirements of ISO 11600-F&G-25 LM. Furthermore, high elasticity is needed in applications where constant vibration affects a joint, e.g. to ensure longer life cycles of joints.

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