Tephra Pozzolan - Description

CR Minerals offers several grades of Tephra® to serve the construction and oil and gas industries as a natural pozzolan. Tephra® has been tested, proven, and certified as a natural pozzolan in accordance with ASTM C618N. CR Minerals’ pozzolans are among the most effective products available to protect concrete from the deleterious effects of chemical attack and will also enhance compressive strengths.  CR Minerals pozzolans do not harbor the heavy metals content of fly ash or the carbon footprint of calcined pozzolans such as Metakaolin or Expanded Shale/Clay.  Available grades include:

  • Tephra NP:  Pumicite Natural Pozzolan

  • Tephra WP:  White Pumice Natural Pozzolan

  • Tephra UF:  Ultrafine Natural Pumice Pozzolan

  • Tephra RFA:  Remediated Fly Ash

Tephra Pozzolan

More information about Tephra Pozzolan

  • Enhances Compressive Strength

  • Resists Chloride Attack

  • Resists Sulfate Attack

  • Increases Abrasion Resistance

  • Reduces Heat of Hydration

  • Reduces Permeability

  • Improves Durability

  • Mitigates Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR)

  • Protects Steel Reinforcement

  • Low Density/High Surface Area Advantage

  • White Color

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