Texapon N-701 S - Description

BASF is one of the largest producers of sulfated surfactants for the Personal Care markets on a global basis and is vertically integrated in natural fatty alcohols and derivatives. We can help our customers improve their efficiency and lower their overall costs by converting to high active sulfates.

Texapon N-701 S

More information about Texapon N 701 S

  • Equivalent to 2.7 batches of low active

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint by 66%

  • Eco-Hybrids with renewable coconut feedstockCan be cold processed

  • Self-preserved by limited water content

  • Can be processed with existing plant equipment

  • Short ROI on equipment, if needed

  • No solvents present; No VOC

  • 66% savings on logistics compared to low active

  • Limited or no investment needed to handle

  • Lower raw material costs

  • Less truck traffic in your plant

  • Less testing required

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