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TruVis P3020

Synthetic TMP Polyol Ester - (Trimethylolpropane C8C10)

TruVis P3020 - Description

TruVis P3020 is a synthetic TMP polyol ester which is an Environmentally Accepted Lubricant (EAL - HEES) and is NSF HX1 Food Grade approved.


Synthetic esters, with their polarity and uniform structure, provide multiple high-performance functions in lubricants:


  • As a base stock or as an additive, esters improve lubricity, improve the solubility of additives, have an affinity for metal surfaces and improve cleanliness and sludge control.
  • Versus mineral oils, the ester structure offers lower volatility at lower molecular weight and lower viscosity.
  • Esters can be selected to provide extreme high temperature performance, extreme low temperature performance or both.
  • Esters provide or enhance seal and gasket compatibility.
  • Esters generally offer high thermal-oxidative stability.


Esters can be combined with PAO's or mineral oils to improve seal swell, solubilize additives, reduce volatility and improve energy efficiency. Many esters are used in environmentally acceptable lubricant applications due to their biodegradability and low toxicity.


Esters of Polyols, such as NeoPentyl Glycol (NPG), Trimethylol Propane (TMP) and PentaErythritol (PE), get their high performance and stability from their core Quaternary Carbon structure. That, along with their high polarity, further attracts the esters to metal surfaces which enhances lubricity. From refrigeration lubes to oven chain lubes, polyols can be customized for almost any application. Polyol Esters (POE's) have very high thermal and oxidative stability, and can offer fire resistance. They also have super high VI, and can be customized for almost any application.

TruVis P3020

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Performance Advantages:


Gears, including Industrial, Automotive & Wind

  • High or low viscosity performance
  • High viscosity at elevated temperatures
  • Improved thermal & oxidative stability
  • Great solubilizing characteristics


Chain Oils

  • High temperature performance
  • Low coking, low residue


Hydraulic Fluids

  • Biodegradability
  • Fire resistance, low volatility


Engine Oils

  • Meet increasing demand for low viscosity, high VI
  • Low pour point, low cold crank viscosity
  • Lower volatility
  • Solvency, seal swell, and lubricity



  • Great for high & low-temperature applications



  • High or low viscosity performance
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • Natural detergency, low varnish
  • Polyol esters are primary base stock for HFC refrigerants


TruVis P3020 is an Environmentally Accepted Lubricant (EAL - HEES) and is NSF HX1 Food Grade approved.

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