TruVis TDS - Description

TruVis TDS is an emulsifiable synthetic oleo Mono-ester which is suitable for MWF applications.


Synthetic esters, with their polarity and uniform structure, provide multiple high-performance functions in lubricants:


  • As a base stock or as an additive, esters improve lubricity, improve the solubility of additives, have an affinity for metal surfaces and improve cleanliness and sludge control.
  • Versus mineral oils, the ester structure offers lower volatility at lower molecular weight and lower viscosity.
  • Esters can be selected to provide extreme high temperature performance, extreme low temperature performance or both.
  • Esters provide or enhance seal and gasket compatibility.
  • Esters generally offer high thermal-oxidative stability.


Esters can be combined with PAO's or mineral oils to improve seal swell, solubilize additives, reduce volatility and improve energy efficiency. Many esters are used in environmentally acceptable lubricant applications due to their biodegradability and low toxicity.


The Teknor Apex range of vegetable oil derived esters offer reduced friction and boundary lubrication, particularly for metal surfaces. They're also environmentally friendly due to enhanced biodegradability.

TruVis TDS

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Performance Advantages:

  • Emulsifiable;
  • Environmentally friendly

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