Tyzor 217 - Description

Tyzor 217 is a water-based zirconium chelate that is stable in water near neutral pH, making it an excellent choice for use in aqueous systems.

Tyzor 217

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Tyzor 217 can react with a variety of nucleophilic species such as -OH and -COOH groups. It is an effective crosslinking agent for carbohydrates (e.g., cellulose, starch and guar) and other functionalized polymers (e.g., polyvinyl alcohol). It is also effective as a surface modifier and adhesion promoter, enhancing paper, glass, metal, pigments and other materials having oxidized surfaces.

Tyzor 217 is usually formulated with other ingredients in cross-linking, paint and some coating applications. The zirconate is usually added as the last ingredient to prevent undesired pre-reactions. The time for gel formation depends on several factors, including: the formulation ingredients; type of polymer; temperature; pH; brine strength; and zirconate concentration.

For adhesion promotion or surface modification applications, Tyzor 217 can be applied as a primer from dilute solution.

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