Tyzor IBAY - Description

Tyzor IBAY is a 100% active titanium ethyl acetoacetate complex. It is a yellow-to-red liquid that is sensitive to moisture. High reactivity at low temperatures enables Tyzor IBAY to react with common functional groups such as R-OH, M-OH, SiOH and R-COOH for crosslinking, adhesion promotion and coating formation on polymers, mineral substrates and metals. It may also be used as a drying agent.


Tyzor IBAY

More information about Tyzor IBAY

Tyzor IBAY is usually formulated with other ingredients in catalysis, crosslinking, paint and sealant applications. To prevent undesired pre-reactions with water or other components it is often the last ingredient added.

Tyzor IBAY is particularly well-suited for crosslinking silicones and silanol end-capped polymers. It also is used as a catalyst in processes such as esterification, transesterification, addition, polycondensation and similar reactions.

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