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Tyzor LA is a hydrolytically stable, water-based titanium chelate with lactic acid (ammonium salt) as the chelating agent. It is a clear to slightly hazy, colorless to light yellow liquid with approximately 50 % active content. Tyzor LA remains stable in water at pH 7 - 8 even in the presence of possible reactants, which makes it an excellent choice for use in aqueous systems.

Tyzor LA is an effective reaction catalyst and cross linker for –OH functional polymers. It also works well as an adhesion promoter, and is an effective tool for formation of polymeric titanium dioxide used in binders or coatings.

Tyzor LA

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When used as an additive in catalytic processes Tyzor LA typically is added last to avoid undesired pre-reactions. Likewise, Tyzor LA typically is the last ingredient added to the polymer or binder in cross-linking reactions. Gel formation time depends on polymer type, temperature, pH, brine strength, titanate concentration and other variables.

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