Tyzor TE - Description

Tyzor TE is a triethanolamine titanium complex with 80% active ingredient in alcohol solvent.

Tyzor TE reacts with water by hydrolysis to form a reactive hydroxy titanium chelate that is stable in water for extended periods. The original or hydrated chelate bonds with organic -OH or -COOH groups to form strong gels by cross-linking many polymeric materials and carbohydrates such as cellulose, starch and guar. Tyzor® TE reacts similarly as an adhesion promoter on functionalized surfaces, and also acts as a Lewis acid catalyst in processes such as esterification, transesterification, condensation and addition.

Tyzor TE

More information about Tyzor TE

Tyzor TE is usually formulated with other ingredients in catalysis, crosslinking or paint applications.  It is often added last to avoid undesired pre-reactions with water or other components. Time required for cross-linking or gel formation depends on formulation ingredients, temperature, pH, titanate concentration and other factors.

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