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Polyether Polyols for Flexible Polyurethane Foams

Ultracel® - Description

Ultracel® polyether polyols are novel raw materials for the production of high-quality flexible slabstock polyurethane foam that provides excellent cushioning for furniture and bedding applications.


More information about Ultracel®

Ultracel® U3000 is a stable 10% SAN-solids dispersion in a high molecular weight reactive base polyol. It is used in the production of high support (HS) and high resilience (HR) flexible slabstock foam having excellent comfort and durability and good physical properties.

It can be processed over a wide range of water levels and isocyanate indexes and in combination with varying amounts of high solids polymer polyols such as Arcol® HS-100 or Hyperlite® E-850. This provides unsurpassed flexibility for producing a wide range of foam grades of excellent quality. It can also be formulated with various foam modifiers, FRs, softening agents, and other additives to yield foams with unique performance features for specialized applications (supersoft cushion wrap, latex replacement, CMHR, etc.).


® = registered tradenamrk of COVESTRO AG, Leverkusen

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