UltraHold Strong - Description

Ultrahold Strong is a high-performing, anionic film former with an excellent hair-setting effect even when it is 100% neutralized.  This polymer for hair styling products is typically used in aerosol and pump sprays, setting lotions and hairs-setting mousses.

UltraHold Strong

More information about UltraHold Strong

  • Stiffest polymer of the line

  • Very high curl retention

  • Low tack - even at high relative humidity

  • Exceptionally high propane/butane compatibility

  • Compatible with other polymers (preferably non-ionic ones)

  • Ideal for salon-type anhydrous strong hold aerosol sprays

  • Can be sprayed in anhydrous aerosol formulas up to approximately 7% solids

  • Can be used as a film former to help deposit pigment on the skin

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