UNIPLEX™ 260 - Description

UNIPLEX™ 260 is a solid polyol benzoate plasticizer, processing aid and modifier for a wide range of polymers, including polyester, acrylic resins, polyvinyl acetate, cellophane and nitrocellulose. UNIPLEX™ 260 is especially recommend for use in heat seal applications and coatings. UNIPLEX™™ 260 is used as a heat-activatable plasticizer hot melt adhesives based on polyester, acrylic resins and polyvinyl acetate. The adhesion promoting plasticizer improves the heat seal properties of cellophane and nitrocellulose coatings. UNIPLEX™ 260 is particularly suitable for use in hot melt adhesives.


More information about UNIPLEX 260

  • plasticizer in nail lacquer
  • printing inks
  • adhesives
  • metallic and pigmented surface coatings
  • extrusion and injection molding processing aids
  • cleaning material for hot melt roll coaters

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