VEG-ESTER GY-112 - Description

VEG-ESTER GY-112 is a multifunctional additive derived from a renewable resource that self-emulsifies in water. Vegetable oil is functionalized using a patented chemical process to yield this unique product for metalworking fluid and specialty lubricant applications. VEG-ESTER GY-112 can be incorporated as a lubricity additive in petroleum or vegetable oil-based fluids to enhance lubricity and corrosion protection. Additionally, VEG-ESTER GY-112 is capable of serving as the primary source of lubrication and corrosion protection for petroleum-free metalworking formulations. When added to traditional synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil fluids, VEG-ESTER GY-112 significantly improves overall fluid performance with minimal reformulation since this product has inherent self-emulsifying properties.


More information about VEG-ESTER GY-112

  • Derived from a renewable resource
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Self-emulsifying properties for easier formulating

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