VEG-ESTER GY-250 - Description

VEG-ESTER GY-250 is a highly active lubricity additive derived from a renewable resource that readily emulsifies into aqueous solutions. Complex chemical processing of a naturally-derived lubricant yields an effective product engineered for formulation into aqueous metalworking fluid formulations. The unique composition of VEG-ESTER GY-250 is completely free of amines, allowing formulators the flexibility to introduce alkaline sources to their final formulations that are consistent with total fluid design goals and local regulatory requirements. In addition to lubricity enhancement, VEG-ESTER GY-250 can contribute supplemental corrosion protection and co-emulsification to metalworking fluid formulations. Petroleum-free metalworking fluids can be prepared using this product as the primary lubricant in the formulation. As supplied, this product is slightly acidic. To ensure proper performance, finished metalworking fluids will generally contain excess reserve alkalinity. When added to traditional synthetic, semi-synthetic, and soluble oil fluids, VEG-ESTER GY-250 significantly improves overall fluid performance with minimal reformulation since this product has inherent self-emulsifying properties. VEG-ESTER GY-250 is capable of serving as the primary lubricant in water-extendable metalworking fluids that are completely free of petroleum oil.


More information about VEG-ESTER GY-250

  • Derived from a renewable resource
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Self-emulsifying properties for easier formulating

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