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Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressant Compounds

Vertex - Description

Vertex magnesium hydroxide products are flame retardants and smoke suppressants utilized in applications where higher processing temperatures are necessary.  They contain no halogens.  When exposed to heat, these metal hydroxides decompose to form water molecules in an endothermic reaction. This results in reduced flame spread and smoke generation.  Magnesium hydroxide decomposes at a higher temperature than ATH (it is thermally stable at temperatures up to 110°C higher than alumina trihydrate), making it useful for engineering thermoplastic resins such as polyamides and polypropylene.  Vertex flame retardant and smoke suppressant compounds are available in both untreated and surface treated grades.


More information about Vertex

These non-halogenated compounds achieve flame retardance and smoke suppression through an endothermic reaction which:

  • Takes heat away from the flame

  • Water vapors dilute volatile polymer decomposition products (fuel)

  • Forms protective metal oxide layer on polymer surface

Surface treatments applied to metal hydroxides can provide benefit in the following three areas:

Powder Handling and Storage

  • Increase shelf life (MDH)

  • Reduced moisture absorption (during storage)

  • Improved powder flow

Compounding and Processing

  • Improved compatibility with polymer

  • Better wet-out

  • Better, faster dispersion

  • Lower viscosity, higher loadings

  • Greater throughput rate

  • Color stability

  • Reduced absorption of expensive additives

  • Improved cure properties

Polymer Compound Performance

  • Hydrophobicity, lower water pick-up

  • Improves initial and aged mechanical properties – tensile, flexural, impact/toughness

  • Improves initial and aged electrical properties

  • Thermal stability

  • Weatherability

  • Fire retardancy

  • Compound color

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