Visual Delivery System Beads - Description

Sandream Impact can capture customers’ eyes with our Dream Fx line of innovative visual delivery systems.  Available in 5 different forms ( Silks, Petals, Colors, Softlets and Beads) these microcapsules are comprised of eco-friendly materials and can provide beauty and function to the most novel products in the personal care industry.

Dream Vision Beads are part of the Dream Fx line of exquisite visual delivery systems. Dream Vision Beads deliver un-paralleled consistency and controlled micro-encapsulation of actives such as vitamins, cooling agents, oils, extracts, fragrance, etc.

Sandream is pleased to offer a unique variety of technologies, each with different properties and performance products, while providing a visually stimulating appeal with Dream Vision Beads.

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Dream Vision Beads impart a smooth feeling on the skin, while leaving no residue.

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