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X-Pressin C

INCI Name: Water, Papain, Carbomer, 1,2 Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Carbomer, Algin

X-Pressin C - Description

X-pressin C is an advanced exfoliating system made from a high papain grade of Carica papaya that helps to refresh skin beauty and renew the skin's youthful appearance.  It is ideal for use in daily radiant skin care, instant luminosity lotion, and revision mask. This advanced healthy glow-enhancing technology provides a gentle alternative to abrasive and irritating methods of skin exfoliation.

X-Pressin C

More information about X Pressin C

  • Biological skin-improving agent

  • Proven to be a non-irritating, gentle, cosmetic agent and effective as hydroxy-acids

  • Has a greater exfoliation effect then salicylic acid.

  • Better skin tolerance then glycolic acid.

  • X-pressin C is as effective as glycolic acid at 21 days to increase brightness with a better skin tolerance.

  • X-pressin C makes skin more refined, visibly smoother, gives it even tone, and a new luminosity


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