ZEOFREE® 600 - Description

ZEOFREE® 600 calcium silicate provides solutions to improve the flow behavior and storage stability of powders with specialty engineered anti-caking & free-flow agents and carriers. Moisture, pressure, temperature, static charge, fat and oil content all adversely affect your powdered and granulated products during production, processing, storage and customer use. Calcium Silicate reduces caking, lumping, and bridging. These conditioning agents and carriers are non-deleterious, odorless and tasteless powders that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Combines a small particle size with high absorption capacities, that meets the USP/NF for calcium silicates. Calcium Silicate is a multi-purpose excipient that can be used e.g. as carrier, but also as glidant to allow a uniform flow in the tablet press. These grades are available in multiple particle sizes, for multiple purposes in tableting, e.g. as glidant.


More information about ZEOFREE® 600

  • Used in a wide variety of applications
  • Improves the flow behaviour and storage stability of powder
  • Reduces caking, lumping, and bridging
  • Converts liquid active substances or solutions into flowable powders
  • Non-deleterious, odourless and tasteless
  • Convenient for taste masking
  • Absorbs of liquid APIs may allow for slower or delayed drug release
  • As a tablet coating - higher pH acts as a buffer for stomach acid, high absorptive capacity protects tablets from moisture uptake
  • As a glidant - provides more even flow into the tablet press and reduces tablet weight variation

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