ZEOPHARM® 600 - Description

ZEOPHARM® 600 combines a small particle size with high absorption capacities, that meets the USP/NF for calcium silicates. That makes the ZEOPHARM® 600 a multi-purpose excipient that can be used e.g. as carrier, but also as glidant to allow a uniform flow in the tablet press.


More information about ZEOPHARM® 600

  • Used in a wide variety of applications
  • Improves the flow behaviour and storage stability of powder
  • Reduces caking, lumping, and bridging
  • Converts liquid active substances or solutions into flowable powders
  • Non-deleterious, odourless and tasteless
  • Convenient for taste masking
  • Absorbs of liquid APIs may allow for slower or delayed drug release
  • As a tablet coating - higher pH acts as a buffer for stomach acid, high absorptive capacity protects tablets from moisture uptake
  • As a glidant - provides more even flow into the tablet press and reduces tablet weight variation

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