TEGOPAC Bond 251

The hybrid polymer for fast assembly

TEGOPAC Bond 251 is a hybrid polymer with a modified backbone that contains hydrophilic segments.

Key Features

The selective adjustment in the polymer backbone allows TEGOPAC Bond 251 to develop excellent bonding properties to many different substrates, e.g. metals, ceramics, wood, concrete, mortar.

With TEGOPAC Bond 251 it is possible to formulate adhesive and sealant formulations with excellent elastic recovery properties. Excellent elastic recovery is needed in applications where movements or vibration affects a joint, e.g. to ensure longer life cycles of joints.

It is possible to formulate methanol-free formulations with a convenient reactivity based on TEGOPAC Bond 251. TEGOPAC Bond 251 releases Ethanol during the curing process (in presence of water and a catalyst).

Recommended Applications

Formulations with TEGOPAC Bond 251 are suitable to replace flexible PUR adhesives and sealants.

Formulating with various plasticizers, fillers, and other additives is possible to address applications like assembly adhesives, roof sealing applications or pressure sensitive adhesives.