JetWhite 6C


JetWhite 6C is a high brightness, high purity, extremely platy, ultrafine talc product made from North American talc ore,
and manufactured using new, state-of-the-art, proprietary beneficiation technology, which results in a 99% pure talc
product and the most platy particle morphology.

JetWhite 6C demonstrates excellent reinforcing properties in polypropylene and good top-size control for improved impact performance. JetWhite 6C is available in compacted form to maximize extruder throughput and minimize dust generation.

JetWhite 6C is recommended for color consistency and color-matching, for enhanced stiffness, HDT, dimensional
stability, impact strength, and aesthetics in high performance plastics, including in automotive PP and TPO, appliance,
and packaging applications. It can also be used for enhanced reinforcement in engineering thermoplastics, foamed
plastics, and in plastic films.