Opacity Pigment

The FP-400 opacity pigment range offers paint manufacturers ways to optimize efficiency of TiO2 while maintaining or improving coating performance. These pigments are used in multiple application areas: water based and solvent based; interior and exterior; decorative, industrial and powder coatings.

FP-490 is unique opacity pigment powder which has been specifically designed for use in heavy duty solvent based coatings such as epoxy, polyester & polyurethane. It is suitable for both interior & exterior applications. It can also be used in powder coatings.

Key Features

  • Excellent hiding power and color performance
  • Improved opacity, scrub and stain resistance
  • Excellent thin film opacity, reduced coating weight
  • High IR and UV reflectivity
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Efficient use of TiO2 - Formulation cost optimization by partial TiO2 replacement with equal or improved coating performance

Recommended Applications

  • Interior Wall Paints
  • Exterior Coatings
  • Industrial Basecoat & Topcoat
  • Powder Coatings