KaMin Ultrafine Kaolin Clays

Ultrafine High Brightness Waterwashed Kaolin Clays: KaMin HG90, KaMin Tek 2001

Water-washed kaolin is the work-horse of the industry. Its wide use as an all-purpose filler and extender make it the industry standard for driving down total formulation costs.  These ultrafine grades will maintain high gloss and high brightness.

Key Features

KaMin HG90: High brightness, ultra-fine particle size, platy kaolin with moderate water demand providing good tinting strength, TiO2 extension and gloss in water based paints. KaMin HG90 is ideally suited for water-borne paint and ink applications, where high brightness and whiteness are important.

KaMin TEK 2001: Ultra-fine particle size, high brightness water-washed kaolin clay, designed as an excellent TiO2 extender for paints, coatings and inks. KaMin TEK 2001 is easily dispersible in water-based systems using high-speed dispersers. The uniform, narrow particle size distribution and excellent color makes it the preferred extender for gloss latex paints where optimum TiO2 spacing is desired without adverse effect on gloss.

Recommended Applications

• Architectural Coatings
• Industrial Coatings
• Wood Coatings
• Gravure Inks
• Flexographic Inks