Synthetic Calcium Silicate

Synthetic silicates are produced by the hydrothermal reaction of diatomite, hydrated lime and water. Through careful and deliberate control of the processing conditions, the chemical and physical properties can be altered to meet some of the most exacting demands in industry. Available in a range of grades these synthetic silicate products provide exceptional performance and cost benefits as absorbent and inert carriers, conditioners, anti-caking agents, diluents and bulking agents.

Key Features

Physical properties include:
• Very high surface area
• Low bulk density
• Relatively inert chemistry
• Very high oil and water absorption — over 5 times its own weight

Recommended Applications

• Rubber
• Plastic film
• Dry liquid carriers
• Thermoplastics
• Wettable powders
• Tableting
• Feed and flavor additive
• Agricultural chemicals
• Cosmetics
• Food
• Paint
• Paper
• Polishes