Ultrafine Highly Pulverized Premium Brightness Kaolin Clays

Polygloss clays are is an ultra-fine particle size, high brightness kaolin clays, designed to provide ease of dispersion and improved gloss in both aqueous and solvent-borne coatings and inks. Polygloss specialty kaolin clays contribute to improved opacity through efficient TiO2 spacing and can be loaded to higher PVC values than standard extender pigments, without decreasing gloss and with minimal effect on viscosity. Can be used in paints and inks to extend prime pigments and as a partial replacement for the resin component.

Key Features

• Higher Gloss Potential
• Dispersible in Difficult Systems
• Mineral of choice to extend resin in transparent applications
• TiO2/Resin Extension - Typically, a 5-10% reduction in TiO2 and/or up to 10% resin reduction is achievable

Recommended Applications

• Architectural Coatings – Satin & Gloss
• Industrial Coatings
• Wood Coatings
• Powder Coatings
• Primers
• Tinting Paste
• Non-Black Rubber
• General Plastics
• Thermosets
• Thermoplastics
• Masterbatch
• Lithographic/Offset Inks
• Sheetfed Inks
• Web Offset Heatset Inks
• Web Offset Coldset Inks
• Gravure Solvent Borne Inks
• Flexo Solvent Borne Inks
• Screen Print Inks
• Letterpress Inks