Platy Delaminated Kaolin Clays

Polyplate clays are high brightness, large particle size delaminated kaolin clays. Delaminated clays are processed through specialized milling devices that separate “booklets” into individual platelets. Booklets describe the natural stacks of kaolin that are inherent to the mineral deposit. Delaminated kaolin is ideal for barrier applications – from paint primers to tire inner liners due to its platy nature and high aspect ratio. After proper dispersion, the plates come to rest forming a barrier that creates a “torturous path” for water, air and other contaminants to penetrate.

Delaminated clays platy nature gives good barrier properties compared to standard granule fillers as the platy particle due to internal surface charges have a tendency to orientate themselves in a direction parallel for the substrate in a coating film.

Key Features

• Improved gas/vapor barrier resistance
• Provides bridging
• Stain blocking properties
• Improved printability and ink hold out
• Improved opacity in synergy with calcined clays
• High aspect ratio of large platy particles provides improved tinting strength, enamel holdout, and crack resistance

Recommended Applications

• Architectural Coatings – Flat/Matte, Satin
• Industrial Coatings
• Wood Coatings
• Primers
• Non-Black Rubber
• Inks
• Adhesives