Maleic Modified Rosin Esters

These maleic modified glycerin esters of tall oil rosin are formulated to provide nitrocellulose compatibility and is used in formulating pale lacquers for wood finishing, lacquer sealers, and “C” type printing inks that contain toluene. They also have utility in overprint varnishes, metal decorating finishes, varnishes, and enamels.

Key Features

• Nitrocellulose compatibility
• Exceptional for use in toluene and isopropyl acetate blends.
• Compatible with a wide range of solvents and resins
• Improved flexibility in formulating

Recommended Applications

• Film forming resin for nitrocellulose based packaging-gravure inks
• Wood furniture lacquers
• Lacquer sealers and sander coats
• Overprint varnishes
• Metal decorating finishes
• Varnishes
• Enamels