Amino Silane Treated, High Brightness Water-Washed Kaolin Clays

Reinforcing filler/extender. Nulok 390 is a high brightness, ultra-fine, water-washed kaolin clay, designed for peroxide curing systems. Silane treated clays mix in quicker and may allow the formulator to reduce the amount of added silane. The treatment aids dispersion in soft, low shear compounds such as stoppers, tubing, and printing blankets.

Key Features

• Increased tensile strength vs untreated fillers
• Silane treatment speeds dispersion
• Provides reinforcement in rubber

Recommended Applications

• Non-Black Rubber
• Tires
• General Rubber Goods
• Butyl Rubber
• Wire & Cable
• Thermosets 
• Thermoplastics
• 2K Epoxy Adhesives