SpeedCure 7010-L

Low Migration Polymeric Thioxanthone Photo Initiator

Speedcure 7010-L is a highly efficient polymeric thioxanthone type photoinitiator which when used in conjunction with a polymeric tertiary amine synergist such as Speedcure 7040 or an acrylated amine, induces the rapid photo-polymerisation of suitable resin formulations. Speedcure 7010-L is formulated as 40 wt% active in triacrylate resin for ease of handling and improved solubility. Being of high molecular weight the product shows very low levels of migration and has a very low odour threshold. Although the product has been developed for low migration systems, the amount of migrating species should be checked by the customer in their final formulations as there are many factors that can affect photoinitiator migration.

Speedcure 7010-L can also be used at low levels to sensitise other photoinitiators in pigmented systems whose own absorption band may be masked by the pigment itself, for example Speedcure BDMB and Speedcure 97. The product can also be used to sensitize iodonium photoinitiators in cationic resin systems.
Speedcure 7010-L is very low yellowing when compared to standard thioxanthone photointiators and as such can be used in white and clear formulations.