Personal Care

Paridol M

INCI Name: Methylparaben

Paridol M is a pure grade of Methylparaben, and complies to the test requirements in the monograph of the PhEur, BP, USP/NF and FCC. Paridol M is a versatile preservative which can be applied in virtually all cosmetic products to protect against microbial spoilage. It is primarily used as a fungicide.

Key Features

  • Primarily used as a fungicide.
  • Paridol M is slightly soluble in water (at 10 °C up to approx. 0.15 %, at 25 °C approx. 0.25 % and at 80 °C approx. 2.5 %) and soluble in propylene glycol, ethanol or phenoxyethanol. 
  • Parabens are generally used together with a bactericide for a broad spectrum activity. 
  • Paridol M is Halal certified.

Recommended Applications

  • Cosmetics