Personal Care

SymOcide PH

INCI Name: Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyacetophenone, Caprylyl Glycol, Water (Aqua)

SymOcide® PH is a broad-spectrum preservative blend containing the multifunctional antioxidant Hydroxyacetophenone in liquid solution. 

SymOcide PH contains an antioxidant (Hydroxyacetophenone) as well as an emollient (Caprylyl Glycol). The combination boosts the preservative efficacy of Phenoxyethanol, giving the blend broad spectrum activity.

SymOcide PH helps formulators to reduce or eliminate controversial preservatives in their consumer products.

Key Features

  • Good for various emulsions, especially cold processed
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate controversial preservatives
  • Easy to formulate liquid blend for cold process formulations such as shampoos, wet wipes and lotions
  • Contains an antioxidant/soothing agent
  • Proven antioxidant activity for the blend (ORAC hydrophilic assay)
  • Complies with the cosmetic regulations of Europe, USA, Japan, China and many other countries

Recommended Applications

SymOcide PH is a one-product-solution for skin and hair cosmetics such as wet wipes, lotions, creams, conditioner. It is especially intended for cold process formulations.