Protectosil DRY CIT

Corrosion protection additive

Protectosil DRY CIT is a highly efficient, in water redispersible powdery corrosion protection additive based on Multifunctional Silane Systems™ for cementitious building materials.

Key Features

  • White free flowing powder,
  • Chemically bonds with steel, cement phase and other siliceous material present in the concrete and the surface of the steel
  • Does not influence the colour and the surface appearance of concrete
  • Leaves the concrete water vapour permeable
  • Reduces significantly the uptake of water
  • Modified mortars show excellent wetting properties during processing

Recommended Applications

  • Repair mortars
  • Modification of cement,
  • Steel-reinforced cast-in-place
  • Structures such as parking decks, facades, balconies, walkways, piers, bridge decks, beams, columns, and other steel-reinforced concrete structures
  • Marine environments with high relative humidity and areas where de-icer salts are used
  • Qualified as additive in cement based mixtures for an extensive protection of the steel rebars in reinforced concrete against corrosion due to water and water dissolved chlorides