Hydrophobic fumed silica

AEROSIL R 805 is a fumed silica aftertreated with organosilane.

Key Features

  • Homogeneously hydrophobic surface
  • Effective in the rheological control of complex liquid systems (such as paint and coating systems, adhesive and sealant materials)
  • Efficient effect as flow agent
  • Fine particle size

Recommended Applications

  • Very efficient effect in thickening and thixotropy of complex polar liquids such as 2K epoxy coatings
  • Anti-settling agent and for pigment stabilization in coating applications
  • The hydrophobia guarantees the efficient effect as flow agent in very different applications, such as powder coatings, toners, or cosmetics
  • Rheology control for brilliant clear coat and top coats, such as acrylic/Isocyanate coating formulations
  • Enhances the anti-corrosion properties for coatings
  • The hydrophobia makes the product suitable as an additive in anti-corrosion coatings