Highly dispersed fumed aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃)

AEROXIDE Alu C is a fine-particulate, pure aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃) with high specific surface area and marked aggregate and agglomerate structure. Because of its high purity and low water content, this product can be used well as an additive to an organic materials, for heat insulation, and also as a catalyst substrate. The positive surface charge can be used to control the electrostatic charge.

Key Features

  • High specific surface area and high purity
  • Low water content
  • Crystalline Al203 with y-/o structure
  • Very high thermal and chemical stability
  • Positive surface charge

Recommended Applications

  • In ceramic materials as a bonding agent and for control of sintering activity
  • Filler In thermoplastic polymers, sllicones, and composite materials to control density, heat conductivity, and dielectric characteristics
  • Control of electric charging and triboelectric processes
  • Flow regulation of fine particulatorganic and inorganic materials with and without electrostatic charging
  • Efficient catalyst substrate with good thermal and hydrothermal stability
  • Improved gloss, ink absorption, and color brilliance of photo inkjet media
  • Multiplies the lifetime of fluorescent tubes and energy­ saving lamps