• Glass Based Cosmetic Pigments - Silicate Pearlescent Pigments -Diamond, Glamour, Glassmira Series Product Details
  • Mica Based Cosmetic Pigments - Natural Mica Pigments - Chromatique, DP/TC, Eldorado, Gemini, Impact, Marvel, MicaMira, Midnight, Mystic, Optique Series Product Details
  • Other Pigments - Color Changing and Glow in the Dark Pigments - TM-PD, NL Series Product Details
  • Pigment Dispersions - Natural Ester Dispersed Pigments - Ecoperse, EcoCare Series Product Details
  • Powders & Fillers - Powders and Fillers for Cosmetic Pigments - Carmine, Impact, SanMica, Sericite, SD Soft Focus, SDI Matte Series Product Details
  • Specialty Cosmetic Pigments - Various Specialty Pigments - Alchemique, Bichroma, Biluna, Bilunasperse, Confetti, Fantasy, Glitter, Illumina, Mangi-Charged Super, Magni-Mira, Spectra, Sterling Product Details
  • Synthetic Mica Based Cosmetic Pigments - Synthetic Mica Pearlescent Pigments - Fiesta, Sachet, Smokey, SynMira Series Product Details
  • Visual Delivery System Beads - Dream Vision Beads Series Product Details