Adhesives & Sealants


Corrosion and Tannin Stain Inhibiting Pigment

HALOX® CZ-170 is a white, nonrefractive, corrosion and tannin stain inhibiting pigment used in protective coating systems. HALOX® CZ-170 is an effective replacement for zinc oxide. HALOX® CZ-170 can also be used in high gloss (+75 gloss units at 60°) and thin film (<1.0 mils or 25 microns) applications, due to its finer mean particle size, and narrow particle size distribution. HALOX® CZ-170 is universal in the sense that it can be used in specific systems that protect metal and wood substrates.

Key Features

HALOX® CZ-170 contains high levels of zinc compounds that provide dual tannin blocking and corrosion resistance.  Recommended loading levels range from 2-5% by total formula weight in multi-substrate water based systems. Typical loading ranges are between 0.5-2% by total formula weight in high gloss and thin film systems, for both water and solvent based coatings.


Recommended Applications

HALOX® CZ-170 is a universal corrosion and tannin stain inhibiting pigment designed for architectural and protective coating systems and multi-substrate protection. It is also an effective zinc oxide replacement and it can be used in direct-to-metal finishes, semi and high gloss systems, and thin-film coatings under 25 microns.