Rutile Titanium Dioxide

TRONOX® CR-813 is a chloride process, silica alumina treated high-oil-absorption rutile pigment that offers flexibility for multiple applications. In coatings applications, TRONOX® CR-813 – is designed specifically for interior, flat architectural paints, both latex and solvent-based. TRONOX® CR-813 offers outstanding brightness, high tinting strength and opacity in flat finishes. A change to TRONOX® CR-813 from lower dry hiding pigments in finishes can provide higher opacity at equal cost or equal opacity at lower cost, with no loss of film integrity. In printing ink applications, TRONOX® CR-813 is recommended for low gloss water-based flexographic inks. TRONOX® CR-813 meets the requirements of ASTM D476-00 (2005), Type III.

Key Features

TRONOX® CR-813 rutile titanium dioxide pigment offers outstanding brightness, high tinting strength, and opacity in both water and solvent based flat finishes.

Recommended Applications

• Flat architectural coatings
• Solvent and water based coatings
• Low gloss flexographic inks