Rutile Titanium Dioxide Slurry

TRONOX® CR-826S is a chloride process, dense silica alumina treated, multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment slurry grade that is used in coatings applications. TRONOX® CR-826S combines very good optical properties with very high durability. It has high gloss, easy dispersion, exceptional tinting strength and excellent chalk resistance and gloss retention in exterior applications. TRONOX® CR-826S is recommended for a wide range of coatings, including waterborne, architectural, and industrial coatings.


Key Features

TRONOX® CR-826S is the water-based slurry version of CR-826 rutile titanium dioxide pigment that combines very high durability, gloss retention and chalk resistance in exterior applications with excellent optical properties. The combination of high tint strength and durability makes this product an excellent choice for both interior and exterior water-based architectural coatings.

Recommended Applications

• Recommended for interior and exterior water-based architectural coatings
• Water-based inks