Rutile Titanium Dioxide

TRONOX® CR-828 is a chloride process, zirconia alumina treated, rutile titanium dioxide pigment grade that is used in multiple applications including coatings, paper and printing inks. TRONOX® CR-828 meets the requirements of ASTM D476-00 (2005), Type II, III, VI, & VII.

In coatings applications, TRONOX® CR-828 is a universal, multipurpose grade that combines the highest optical properties and excellent durability for both interior and exterior coatings applications. It provides excellent gloss, ease of dispersion and outstanding opacifying power with the highest tint strength and brightness. TRONOX®
CR-828 is suitable for all classes of coatings, including architectural, industrial and maintenance; automotive base coats; solvent-based or water-borne; interior or exterior. With high opacity, TRONOX® CR-828 is highly recommended for use in powder coating applications.

In printing ink applications, TRONOX® CR-828 is highly recommended as a high-gloss, low-abrasivity pigment for letterpress, gravure, polyamide and other inks.

In paper applications, TRONOX® CR-828 is recommended for use in paper coatings and for addition to paper sheet. It provides excellent brightness and opacity, and can show an economic advantage over anatase-type grades at high loading levels.

Key Features

TRONOX® CR-828 rutile titanium dioxide pigment is a universal product with the highest optical properties and good durability for interior and exterior applications. CR-828 provides high gloss, excellent opacity and tint strength, and a clean undertone.

Recommended Applications

• Interior and exterior industrial
• Maintenance coatings
• Interior and exterior architectural coatings
• Solvent and water based coatings
• Inks
• Construction Materials
• Plastics
• Advanced Materials
• Rubber
• Adhesives & Sealants