Dorf Ketal Chemicals

Tyzor AA Series

Organic Titanate

Tyzor AA Series titanium acetylacetonates are yellow to red liquid titanium chelates with acetylacetonate as the chelating agent. Multiple grades are available with various percentages of active ingredient.

Key Features

Tyzor AA

Tyzor AA-105

Tyzor AA-65

Tyzor AA-75

Recommended Applications

Tyzor AA titanium acetylacetonates are excellent crosslinkers and adhesion promoters in solvent-based printing inks such as those based on nitrocellulose. They offer improved drying rates, increased resistance to solvents and heat, and superior adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Glass, metals, fillers and pigments can be treated with Tyzor AA titanium acetylacetonates to increase surface hardness, promote adhesion, enhance resistance to scratches and corrosion, add coloring effects, improve heat and light reflection and add iridescence.

Tyzor AA titanium acetylacetonates are useful as binders and they also can be used as cross-linkers for –OH functional polymers and other binders in paints, as well as adhesion promoters.

Micro- or nano-scale TiO2 pigments can be formed from Tyzor AA titanium acetylacetonates, which also can also be used to create polymeric TiO2 films on surfaces via pyrolytic or hydrolytic (e.g. sol-gel) processes.

Tyzor AA titanium acetylacetonates can be used as catalysts for esterification, transesterification, condensation and addition reactions. Typical reaction products include (meth)acrylic esters, polyester, plasticizer, various esters and polyurethanes. Benefits include elimination of byproducts, increased yield, easier work-up, and low catalyst concentration.