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Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Are you ready to uncover the sustainability trends that will impact the advanced materials industries?

Access our Trend Report "Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow," to learn...

  • Why recyclability, reusability, bio-based content & CO2 reduction are the global trends we all need to be watching

  • What sustainability innovations and materials are paving the way for our industries

  • How your organisation can make a positive impact both within your business and in the world

what's inside

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Our experts identified the 4 most important sustainability trends that you need to know to stay ahead of the curve


Bio-Based Content

CO2 Reduction 

You'll hear from our sustainability experts first-hand with audio clips 

Play clips of our experts answering questions, like: 
  • What challenges do customers and suppliers face when it comes to improving recyclability?
  • Where should businesses start when it comes to producing reusable products?
  • How are attitudes and approaches to bio-based evolving across regions and industries?
  • What do consumers and businesses still need to understand when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions?
  • And so many more!

who you will meet

Meet our sustainability experts

Eight sustainability experts share their insights on each of these trends and what you can expect from the advanced materials industry

Marta Clavero

Sales Manager Flex Pack Iberia & EMEA Packaging Expert Team Leader


Shane Weeks

IMCD Advanced Materials General Manager


Jan Hostettler

International Product Manager

Kunimitsu Yamamuro

IMCD Advanced Materials Business Unit Manager

Bio-Based Content

Frank Yang

Technical Service and Business Development Manager


Raju Desai

Director, Advanced Materials India 

CO2 Reduction & Energy Recovery
Dan Andersson 

Sales Manager & Global Sustainability Coordinator

Austin Watkins

International Product Manager, Purging Compounds

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