BENEO is part of the Südzucker Group – one of the leading food producers in Europe.

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Rosin Ester Dispersions


Maleic Modified Rosin Esters

Sylvagum RE

Rosin Esters

Sylvagum TR

Polyterpene Resins

Sylvalite RE

Low Color Rosin Esters

Sylvares SA

AMS Resins

Sylvares TP

Terpene Phenolic Resins

Sylvares TR

Polyterpene Resins

Sylvares ZT

Styrenated Terpene Resins

Sylvatac RE

Rosin Esters

Uni-Rez Hot Melt Polyamides

Hot Melt Polyamide Resins for Adhesives

Uni-Rez Polyamides

Non-Reactive Polyamide Resins


Modified Rosin

Zonatac NG

Styrenated Terpene Resins

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